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Founded and run by a team of highly dedicated & skilled professionals, CAPITAL TREE’s key strength lies in its highly competent and experienced professionals.
These professionals include Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Information Systems Auditors, Company Secretaries, and Post-Graduates & Graduates
With the right blend of knowledge, people skills and technology and high-level service initiatives,
Team CAPITAL TREE not only takes on the responsibility of performing the outsourced function / process, but also re-engineers the way it is done for best results.
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The Objective of Outsourcing has now shifted from merely saving cost to achieving sustained performance improvements. CAPITAL TREE is the place one would turn to for solving all your needs on Business Licensing ,Corporate Accounting Solutions, Tax Compliance ,Payroll, Recruitments , Travel and Expense payout, Original Record management & non allied business activities. Outsourcing functions enable organizations to focus on their core business while cutting costs. The top priority for any company today is managing costs. Lower costs mean higher cash flows. It gives companies the flexibility to be the price leader, to spend on new products and to offer better customer service.

No. of hours worked: 22,528 hours (2816days)
No. of projects handled: 706 plus.
No. of clients handled: 200 plus.
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